Interdisciplinary dance works giving artistic voice to Asian Americans


“And the Community Will Rise” shelter in place rehearsals (March 2020).

“In the Skin of Her Hands” show excerpts (2019).

“Crossing” experimental dance film (2019).

“In the Skin of Her Hands” interviewees (Nov 2019).

“In the Skin of Her Hands” trailer (Nov 2019)

“Within These Walls” (2017) & “Dreams of Flight” (May 2019)

“Beneath The Surface” (2018)

“Within These Walls” and “Dreams of Flight” trailer

“The Eye of Compassion” excerpts

Fire of Freedom excerpts

“The Detached”

Annie Fukushima and Cindy Liou on Human Trafficking

Rescued Memories: NY Stories” & “The Escape”

The Memory Room (Installation)