Interdisciplinary dance works giving artistic voice to Asian Americans

Words of Gratitude from our Artists. Dancing Remotely

Our early research and creative process, remote individual rehearsals 
in our homes and nearby spaces during shelter in place, March 2020.
Dear Friends,
We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty and crisis.
We wanted to extend our appreciation to you,
  • update you on how LLD and our artists are being affected at this time,
  • offer an opportunity for you to participate,
  • share about what we’re creating
While we had to cancel and postpone all of our in-person events, rehearsals and performances, we are still continuing to gather remotely and rehearse individually to generate content for our current project “And the Community Will Rise” and to research the impact of public housing in San Francisco. 
Due to the uncertainty of when the pandemic will subside, economy start up again, and in the hopes of our work returning, we’ve felt it crucial to support the artists we are collaborating with regardless of how long the restrictions on public events will last. 
We’re being called to innovate, reinvent the way we see performing arts, and understand the power in collective voices that continue to engage people, reach new communities nationally, call for participation, and find creative means to share what we embody as artists and are going through as a society.
Today we are asking you to deepen your support of our artists and culture bearers, who provide hope, alternative perspective, and a compassionate lens on the challenges we face, endure, and triumph from everyday.
Your support enables our creative team to continue working during this period of survival.
“I have lost 75% of my income because of this pandemic.  My work as an artist is to make visible the invisible, to dance thoughts and images into fruition, to be a time machine, a medium, a mover of emotions, a gardener of energies, a storyteller and a light.  I hope to continue to shine my light on important issues through dance. Now more than ever the world needs us.” 
– Anna Greenberg
“It’s been two weeks of sheltering in place, and all in-person rehearsals, teaching gigs, events, and shows have been cancelled. Though there is much to be concerned about and I miss seeing my friends and family and I am worried about their well being-from a personal perspective, I have much to be grateful for. And I am grateful for Lenora Lee Dance, who keeps all collaborators connected and continues to find creative work opportunities to support us financially, emotionally, and artistically.” 
– Megan Lowe
“My whole sense of who I am as an artist, creator and collaborator has frozen mid-air. All of my artistic projects for 2020 have been postponed or cancelled-which has deeply challenged me to put my creativity towards imagining how I can still have an artistic practice in my home and in physical isolation. While most of my work as an administrator supporting other artists remains stable, I see my friends and peers completely at a loss – scrambling to adapt and learn how to make a living in this unprecedented time.”
 – Melissa Lewis 
“What COVID is teaching me is about the pivot as a choreography of resilience. I lost the majority of my income for the next four months, potentially further, a total of about $3000-4000 lost in a flash as if flood. This money directly would have covered rent, utilities, and food, simply put. However, my creative spirit has found some solace in dialogue, virtual collaboration and home videos. This is where the resilience lives, where seeds are planted again as spring returns.” 
– Gabriel Christian

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