Interdisciplinary dance works giving artistic voice to Asian Americans

Much Gratitude and Appreciation to our 2014 Donors and Supporters!

We are deeply grateful for all of the generosity and support from the following individuals and organizations in 2014!

Alson & JoAnn Lee, Carl & Jackie Jew, Catherine Hung, Chiayi Seetoo, Clinton Huey, Connie Young Yu, Cynthia Joe, David Dea, Derek Lang, Diane Ngo, Dora Ng, Douglas Hirai, Edward Kam, Evelyn Huang, Felicia Lowe, Francis Wong, Fred & Carolyn Hee, Genevieve Chan, Gunthilde & Lew Perin, Heidi & Anthony Wong, Isaac Kong, Jean Liu & Terry Chea, Jean & Dick Lym, Jeanette & Low Chan, Jeanne & Winchell Quock, Jennifer & Steve Gillette, Jill Shiraki & Wilbur Obata, Joan & George Louie, Joel Wanek, John Jung, John Seto, Joyce Ashizawa-Yee & Bradley Yee, Judith Wing, Judy & Clinton Gee, Keith Jew & Pamela Jang, Kenneth Lee, Kimberly Elliot, Larissa Fong, Larry Lee, Laura Hays, Leonard & Christina Lew, Leslie & Bob Chan, Lianne & Terrence Leong, Linda Lee & Harry Chuck, Linus Enriquez, Loretta Holscher, Louisa & Arthur Chin, Lynn Huang, Marina Fukushima, Mark Chung, Mary Wong Leong & Dayton Leong, May & Lawrence Lui, Melody Takata & Genryu Arts, Michael Holscher, Michael Takada, Morrie Warshawski, Olivia Ting, Patricia Chan, Phyllis Tom, Presbyterian Church in Chinatown, Raymond Fong & Enshin Karate San Mateo Dojo, Roberta Lee Kelly, Ruth Wu, Sandra Lee, Sandy Yuen, Stephen Rosen, Stuart Nakanishi, Susie Wong & Scott Barlow, Teddy Yoshikami, Thompson Lee, Tongjia Wang, Victor Joe, Wei-Shan Lai, Wendy & Michael Wong, Winnie & Jenson Lee, Yoonmi Choi, Annonymous Donors

Asian Improv aRts, API Cultural Center, API Legal Outreach, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University, Asian Women Giving Circle, Asian Women United of Minnesota, California Arts Council, Chinese Historical Society of America, Donaldina Cameron House, New York Asian Women’s Center, Puffin Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, Zellerbach Family Foundation

Lenora Lee Dance participates in Help Desk®, a Pentacle program providing infrastructure mentoring and support. (
New Stages for Dance II is administered by Dance/USA in partnership with Dancers’ Group. Leadership Support for the New Stages for Dance II Initiative is provided by MetLife Foundation.

Photo of dancer Wei-Shan Lai, by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang

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