Interdisciplinary dance works giving artistic voice to Asian Americans

“Reflections” short film premieres 8/25 at the Chinatown Music Festival!

The “Reflections” short film was selected for the Chinese Culture Center (CCC) collaboration with the Fei Contemporary Art Center Video Project.  The U.S. premiere screening will be at the Chinatown Music Festival on Saturday, August 25 in the CCC gallery (750 Kearny Street at Clay, 3rd Floor, SF, CA 94108)! The selected U.S. videos will also run in a loop with other international videos for Chinese Culture Center upcoming show, Women, opening Sept 15-Nov 30.

The selected videos are currently playing in Shanghai at the Fei Contemporary Art Center and in Taipei at the Bamboo Curtain Studio. The current videos on view at the Chinese Culture Center are available at the CCC website.

Produced by Lenora Lee and Olivia Ting
Video 8:51

REFLECTIONS addresses the struggle for dominance and survival.
Traditionally, Chinese lion dances at festivals bring good luck and drive away misfortune. However, in this short film, the lions represent dual roles of heroism and inner demons for a man coming to terms with his identity in a land that may never embrace him. The lion mask for him embodies a false sense of defiance, of power. Ultimately, when the mask is stripped of its outer skin, he is left unadorned to face his truths.
This is a film inspired by a larger interdisciplinary dance theater work of the same name that premiered in San Francisco September 2011 and in New York October 2011. Performed by Lenora Lee Dance with Kei Lun Martial Arts & Enshin Karate, South San Francisco Dojo. Featuring media design and editing by Olivia Ting, music by Francis Wong, text by Genny Lim, Olivia Ting, Lenora Lee, and videography by Ben Estabrook.

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