Interdisciplinary dance works giving artistic voice to Asian Americans

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June 21, 2013

Dear Friends,

My deepest gratitude to the 57 donors who have contributed to the campaign so far helping us raise $5,375 online plus $1,325 through checks!


for Phase 2 of the “Rescued Memories: New York Stories” project!

We will be going to NYC in next month to film scenes in NYC Chinatown with dancers Marina Fukushima, Wei-Shan Lai, Lynn Huang, Juliet Ante, Chin-chin Hsu, Yi-Ting Hsu, martial artist Yukihiko Noda, and media designer Olivia Ting. We will also record the music for this piece with Francis Wong, NY artists Min Xiao-Fen, and Jonathan Chen and Chicago artist Tatsu Aoki. The project will premiere at the de Young Museum November 8 & 9 and in NYC spring 2014!!

Please consider supporting the project and the team of over 20 artists and collaborators involved in creating this work.


In gratitude,


A very special thanks to those who have contributed to this online campaign so far!

Anne Bluethenthal, Elaine Chan-Scherer, James Q. Chan, Katie Chan, Leslie & Bob Chan, Demetria & Conant Chi, Louisa & Arthur Chin, David Dea, Doreen Der-McCleod, Grant Din, Sumio Enomoto, Linus Enriquez, Bonnie Fimbres, Raymond Fong, Shar & Al Hall, John Ho, Clinton Huey, Glenda & Chris Jeong, John Jung, Derek Kim, Margot Knight, Masaru Koga, Wei-Shan Lai, Derek Lang, Alson & JoAnn Lee, Karina Lee & Perry Howe, Lamam2, Mary & Dayton Leong, Wendy Leung, Hanmin Liu & Jennifer Mei, Linda Lucero, Mary McFadden, Belinda Mekdara, Amoena & James Quan, Jeanne & Winchell Quock, Chia-Yi Seetoo, John Seto, Katherine Seto, Melody Takata / GenRyu Arts, Michele & BinhTran, Ben Wong, Francis Wong, Jones Wong, Bradford Woo, Joanne & Jerrick Woo, Michelle & Steven Ureta, Alisa Yee, Le Yoeun, Connie Young Yu, Joanne & David Yu, Anonymous Donors

Much appreciation to those who have supported us earlier this year!

Jeanette & Low Chan, Leslie & Bob Chan, Mark Chung, Laura Hays, Mildred Hall, Michael Holscher, Phyllis Huey Tom, Jeanette Huie, Keith Jew & Pamela Jang, Cynthia Joe, Victor Clark Joe, Derek Lang, Larry Lee, Linda Lee & Harry Chuck, Thompson Lee, Winnie & Jenson Lee, Lianne & Terry Leong, Mary & Dayton Leong, Christina & Leonard Lew, Jean Liu & Terry Chea, May & Lawrence Lui, Jean & Richard Lym, Joan & George Louie, Victoria Marks, Jill Shiraki & Wilbur Obata, Benson Toy, Joanne & Jerrick Woo, Joyce Ashizawa-Yee & Bradley Yee, Sandra Yuen


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